Experiencing genuine bespoke couture

The first appointment

Meeting the designer and trying on prototypes

During the first appointment, we discuss your own ideas, inspirations and wedding details as you try on a selection of prototypes of your choice. We guide you through the styles of our dresses and provide advice and suggestions regarding silhouettes, fabrics, embellishments… If you have something unique in mind, we will also drape fabrics over a plain prototype to define the lines of the dress and help you visualise exactly how the finished dress will look.

This step introduces you to our craftsmanship, techniques and fabrics, but also allows us to reflect together on the look you would like to create for your dress and bring a vision to life.

With made-to-measure, endless possibilities unfold: you can choose to recreate a “signature” dress from our collections, or embark on the journey of creating a unique dress tailored specifically to your desires. Of course, our all details of our “signature” dresses can be adjusted and modified. Perhaps, you like a dress you have spotted on our website, but would love it in a sleeveless version, or sewn in a different fabric? We will gladly adapt it for you!

Our prototypes

The second appointment

Choosing your dress and taking your measurements

Having thought about it for a few days, you have chosen us to create the wedding dress of your dreams, a dress that will reflect your style, that will compliment you and, subtly, express who you are.

Together, we confirm your choice for the dress design and take your measurements to create your pattern: shoulder, waist, wrist circumference, arm length… Around twenty measurements are essential to create a perfect fit.

From these measurements, using traditional Haute Couture pattern-making techniques, we then design a pattern specific to your measurements and the dress you have chosen.

The following fittings

The “toile”

Based on the pattern we have created from your measurements, during the following appointments, we make several versions of the ” toile ” which is a replica of your dress, sewn in cotton toile.

Over the course of your fittings, we will adjust the fit of the toile on you. As the dress comes to life, we carefully check every detail together to create the perfect silhouette you’ve been dreaming of. At this stage all details (length, neckline, etc.) can still be modified.

This is precisely what true made-to-measure is: an atelier right on site, allowing us to make whatever changes are necessary on the spot.

Last appointments

Your dress

Your dress is now sewn in the fabric you have selected, once again directly on site, in our Paris atelier.

Your dress is now finished. You try it on again with your shoes and lingerie, so that we can check every detail together, to make sure it is truly impeccable.

Of course, David remains fully available right up to your wedding day to answer any questions you may have about your dress, its transport, care… It’s not uncommon for his expertise to dispel the minor worries associated with wedding planning. This is where our journey ends and your happily ever after begins…

Some inspiration from our real brides